Summer Reading

We had a great time with our Summer Readers this year. Thank you and we look forward to summer 2018.
Reading Programs offered at the Gilbert Library
  • Preschool: (Ages 0-5) Our young patrons can participate as well! Pick up a reading log at the library and color in the circles. Once you have filled in all three circles, completing three hours of reading, bring your reading log in and pick a prize from our Mystery Prize Box. Reading time counts if you read to yourself (reading pictures counts!) or if a sibling or adult reads to you. 
  • Grade school: (Ages 6-12) Our mid kids have plenty of chances to earn prizes while reading this summer. We are offering prizes for five levels. Pick up a reading log at the library and fill it out. Once you have reached a level, bring it back to us and get a prize. It's as easy as that! 
    • Level One- 2 hours
    • Level Two- 5 hours
    • Level Three- 9 hours
    • Level Four- 14 hours
    • Level Five- 20 hours (pssst if you read 20 minutes every day for the 8 weeks we have summer reading, you will reach this level!) **Also, besides receiving a prize when you reach Level Five, you will also receive a ticket to be entered into our grand prize drawing for an iPad Air 2! If you would like even more chances to win the grand prize, you will get another ticket for every two additional hours read after completing Level 5.**
  • Teens & Adults: (12+) We haven't forgotten you, teens and adults. Stop by and grab a punch card. Simply fill out 12 of the options on the card and bring back to us. You will receive an awesome prize and ALSO be entered into our drawing for the iPad Air 2! If you would like more chances to win, simply finish another card.