Library Policies

The Gilbert Public Library has a wide variety of materials available to borrow, including books, magazines, movies and audiobooks. Different types of items check out for different lengths of time, from 7 days to 4 weeks. There are a few items, like newspapers and reference books, which do not circulate.

Most materials can be renewed. You may renew or request materials and check your library record in person at the Gilbert Public Library, by telephone at (218) 748-2230, or here. Click "Log In" in the top right hand corner of the page. You will need your library card barcode number and your pin number.

Materials can be returned in the Book Return chute located on the outside of the building. The Book Return is at street level, near the bottom of the access ramp, on Broadway. We ask that you try to come into the library to return your materials whenever possible to reduce damage to our books and magazines.

Meeting Room. We have a small meeting room available for rental. The rental policy and contract are available here.

Loan Periods

Print materials

New Books (all types) - 2 weeks

Books (all types) - 4 weeks

Magazines - 2 weeks

Audio Tape/CD

Audio books - 4 weeks


DVDs, movies - 1 week

DVDs, TV - 1 week

Nonfiction DVDs- 1 week

Other Items

Maker Kits - 4 weeks

Formal dresses - 4 weeks

Fines and Fees


All books, magazines, audiobooks, and music:

$ .25 per item per day with $10 max per item

All DVDs:

$ .25 per item per day with $10 max per item

Lost items:

Replacement cost plus $3.00 processing fee or patrons may replace items at their own expense.


Printouts: (photocopies, computer printing, and incoming fax documents)

Black and white copies $0.25 (per page)

Color copies $0.50 (per page)


1-3 pages $1.00

4-6 pages $2.00

7-9 pages $3.00 etc.

over 15 pages only when staff time permits

Lost Library Card Replacement Fee:

First replacement - Free

Subsequent replacements - $3.00 each time

Library Cards

To receive a library card:

  • Anyone may have their own card. Children in preschool must have their cards signed by their parents. Children in Kindergarten or older must sign their own library cards. The library card is FREE
  • Group library cards may be issued to daycares, hospitals, or nursing homes. The group is held responsible for any fines or fees associated with overdue or lost items.
  • ID required:
    • Adults 18 +: Picture ID or driver’s license or library card from another Minnesota library (reciprocity), signature, and proof of current address (may be a utility bill or another person may vouch for the applicant.)
    • Children 14 – 17: Picture ID (or parental picture ID or driver’s license) proof of current address and signature.
    • Children under 14: parental signature and parental picture ID or driver’s license and proof of current address.

Library Card Rights:

· Allows holder to use all libraries in the Arrowhead Library System

· Allows holder to use other Minnesota libraries when traveling away from home (reciprocity.)

· Allows holder to request items from their home computers or to access e-books and audiobooks from Overdrive at their home or library computers.

· Allows holder to request items from other Minnesota libraries through MNLink interlibrary loan.

· A new card holder may check out three (3) items when using the card for the first time. When those three items have been returned the card holder may check out materials on the same basis as everyone else.

· Item limits:

o 7 seven day items at a time (DVD's, periodicals)

o 10 twenty one day items at a time

o Staff will have discretion to allow more per individual circumstance

· Renewals: All materials may be renewed once. Patrons may renew themselves via the ALS website or may call or come in to the library to renew. Staff will have discretion to allow more than one renewal per individual circumstance.

Library Card Responsibilities:

· Please present your library card at each visit.

· Lost library cards should be reported to the library immediately. The first replacement for a lost library card will be free. Additional replacements incur a fee of $3.00

· Any address or phone number changes should be reported to the library immediately.

· Comply with the library Code of Conduct policy

· Return materials when due

· Payment of fines and fees when levied

Code of Conduct

The Gilbert Public Library seeks to provide quality library service to all patrons. The following code of conduct has been adopted for the comfort and protection of the rights of all those using and working in the Gilbert Public Library. The library staff will enforce this code in a courteous but firm manner. We ask your cooperation in helping us provide a safe and pleasant environment for all our patrons and staff.

Disruptive behavior is not permitted. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Commission of an illegal act in violation of the Minnesota Revised Code
  • Sexual harassment
  • Viewing pornographic materials in the presence of children
  • Possession or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or weapons
  • Abuse or misuse of Library furnishings, equipment or materials
  • Physical threats, physical abuse and/or fighting
  • Verbal harassment or “bullying”
  • Foul language
  • Smoking
  • Sales
  • Failure to pay fines or proper Library costs when due
  • Congregating in or around entrances or stairways, inside or out of building
  • Running
  • Eating or Drinking except during Library sanctioned event

Patrons must wear footwear and shirts when using the Library.

MP3 Players, iPods and other listening devices may be used only with headphones.

Talking on cellular phones may not be used in the Library, but may be used in the lobby.

Process of addressing disruptive behavior:

  1. Patrons will be verbally warned once, then requested to leave if the unacceptable behavior continues.
  2. If a patron will not leave, the police may be called.
  3. Suspension of library privileges for a determinate period of time may occur. Notice of suspension will be made verbally then confirmed by a letter mailed to the last known address of the patron or, in the case of a minor child, his parents or guardian.
  4. Appeal of the suspension may be made, in writing, to the Board of Trustees, within ten (10) days of receipt of notice of suspension.
  5. The patron, or in the case of a minor child, the parents or guardian, will be notified by the Board of the date and time of the hearing on the notice of appeal.
  6. Violators may be prosecuted for a fourth degree misdemeanor under Minnesota Revised Code 2911.21.

Policy Regarding Unattended Children:

Children are welcome in our library and we are concerned about their safety and welfare. However, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring the activities and regulating the behavior of their children while the children are in the library.

All children seven (7) years and under must be adequately supervised by a responsible parent or caregiver at all times for the sake of their own well-being.

The Gilbert Public Library is not responsible for the safety or security of children left unattended in the library.

All children under sixteen (16) and any child not able to travel alone must be picked up before closing time.

Gilbert staff will assist the child in calling a parent or guardian. If the parent answers the phone, the child or staff member will tell the parent that the library is closed and the staff member will wait with the child for no more than ten minutes after closing.

If a parent or guardian cannot be reached, the staff member will contact the Gilbert Police Department and explain to the officer on duty that there is an unattended child left after hours at the library, and ask the officer to try to locate the parent or guardian. The staff member will wait with the child until the officer arrives. At this point, the child is considered as delivered into police care and the library staff member may leave.