Summer Reading: Dig Deeper

Read, Investigate, Discover

We're not just reading this summer, we are probing for answers!

You might request books, movies, and magazines. Try checking out e-books and audio books.

You can also check out TV programs, go online (Wikipedia, YouTube) to search for information to tell you about the subject you always wanted to know more about.

Each category will give you ideas for a project you can make at home. Use items that are found around the house or outside.

When you finish each category let us know and we will get your prize ready.

We have 8 categories that you can choose from, but you focus on only one each week. The categories are:

  • Healthy Kids- Health and Recreation

  • Nature- from tornadoes to rain to guppies

  • Home- anything you make, cook, create, grow, or build

  • History- around the world or here in

    • Minnesota- what happened before you were born?

  • Myths, Fables, Legends, and Fairytales- princesses, Paul Bunyan, Bigfoot, and Aesop

  • Life and Times- Famous People

  • Places- Where can you go?

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